About Us

WreckedExotics.com is the world's leading source for an intense (possibly obsessive) view into the world of demolished machines. A collection of the most interesting and expensive car wrecks you've ever seen.

Since 2002, WreckedExotics.com has attracted over 40 million visitors from nearly every corner of the world. Can we pinpoint why? Probably not. But how many times have you been on a highway in the midst of traffic, only to find the congestion was due to every driver trying to get a better look at a car crash? It's likely not the most complimentary thing to stare at, and it's definitely a guilty pleasure, but who can deny it? C'mon, we've all looked.

But WreckedExotics.com doesn't cater to a crowd who'd enjoy witnessing the pain of their fellow man. This is a place people visit to enjoy the innate and unspoken beauty of wrecked exotic cars, proving that art in this world isn't limited to what we see in nature or on pedestals in the galleries. It also happens to be a good way to work through your envy of the 1%. They've got Ferraris and Lamborghinis smashed up for your viewing pleasure. Your '92 Civic isn't going to attract any supermodels, but at least it's not wrapped around a telephone pole.

We at WreckedExotics.com take our chosen hobby very seriously, having collected nearly 20,000 exotic car crash photos cataloging over $1 billion in damages. In the end, it's our hope these photos make you think twice about driving your cars recklessly. Thank you for visiting.